Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday Foto-Op (on Thursday) *Say yes to the Dress*

With tomorrow being Good Friday AND the fact that I skipped a week or 2 of Foto Ops I thought I would just get it out a day early!

This weeks theme is "Say yes to the Dress" ... particularly YOUR dress. You know, the one that you got married in and then hung up never to see it again?? (or was that just me!?) Now is your chance to wear it again and feel fabulous!

From today (Thursday March 28th) til Thursday April 4th, you can pre-purchase your "SAY YES TO THE DRESS" session at 50% off.

*** FINE PRINT ***

This session must be pre-purchased/paid in full by April 4th 2013.
This session will be held outdoors and will take place during the month of June.

Booking starts right now! Please contact me via my website at

Can't wait for these beautiful sessions!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Foto-Op! *Spring Ahead!*

Spring ahead, plan ahead, its all relative!

This weeks Foto-Op is for all of you who are planning ahead and considering Photos for March, April or May (2013)

Pre-Purchase your session from now until next Thursday March 14th at 50% off!!

Contact me via for more info and to secure your dates & times.

Looking forward to working with you all over the next few months!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Foto-Op *Sweetpea Spring Session*

Last year I started "Friday Foto-Op" and I LOVED it!! It was a great chance for me to keep my creativity going offering specific types of sessions while giving my clients a break on the cost at the same time! As happens, my Friday Foto-Ops fell to the wayside. Today however, I decided that what better time than NOW the first of the month, conveniently a Friday, to start it up again!?

The first Foto-Op of 2013 is a "Sweetpea Spring Session"
This will be a styled, in studio session for any lady young, or not <3 The details of this session will include all of the pretty things that are Spring. Pinks, purples, yellows, maybe some frills and certainly some flowers.

Foto-Op Fine Print :

* Friday Foto-Ops will all be offered at half the price of a regular session and only be available to book from the announced Friday through to the following Thursday.

* Sessions must take place within 14 days of booking.

* For full details please contact me via my website at

Now, with ALL of that being said ... booking starts NOW! If this seems like the right fit for you or another special lady in your life lets chat and put together some Spring Sweetness!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Foto-Op ... Just for Mom.

If you are a husband looking for a fantastic last minute Mothers Day Gift OR a fantastic Mother looking for a gift to tell her husband to go and buy for her (come on ... some of you do it ... I know you do haha)
look no further!!

Surprise Mom with a Photo Session including just her and her littles! 

As moms we RARELY get photos with our kids, and when we do it's usually being taken by our iPhone or point and shoot, with one arm uncomfortably outstretched infront trying to squeeze both faces in, look natural, and avoid having more than one chin (or is that just me??) you see where I'm going with this. This outcome, no matter what, is STILL an image of Mama with her Baby ... but it will likely never end up in a frame.

Give this gift for Mom to enjoy now, and for her children to enjoy for years to come.

*** I am offering half price Mini Sessions until the end of the day tomorrow (Saturday, May 12th) ***

Please contact me via my website for pricing and details!

I am very much looking forward to working with you and your little treasures ... and even your little monsters!

Thanks, and Happy Mothers Day to all of the amazing women out there!

My Sweet Little Treasure Karleigh Dawn.

and My Sweet Little Monster, Keegan Reid.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cousins ... a giveaway!

Cousins are often some of the first friends that we have in this life. They understand our crazy families, and they love us through all of the ups and downs.

I am SO blessed to have the greatest group of cousins, I couldn't have hand picked them better myself. On my dads side we have 6 girls (and 2 boys, but this isn't about them haha) and I was the first one to have a baby. I understood right away that Karleigh had an instant gathering of fabulous Aunties, but it wasn't until another little beauty was born that I realized that she was ALSO going to get an amazing group of cousins.

We grew up with matching outfits, lifelong nicknames, and a whole LOT of "favourites" and it is SUCH a joy for me to now Photograph a new set of Cousins. *It's also a good excuse for me to go shopping*

I have been so preoccupied with editing and sessions the last few weeks that I have missed out on a couple of Friday Foto-Ops ... so I will make it up with a Freebie!

There are 2 different ways to enter!

1. Head over to my Facebook Page - upload a photo and send your friends over to LIKE the page AND the image.

2. Send me a shout out via twitter to @kelownaphoto and let me know why you have the best cousins!

Thats all!!

I will announce the winner this Friday, May 4th 2012.

Good Luck! and PS ... I have been known to award more than one winner :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friday Foto-Op ... on Tuesday?? Why not!?

I was so excited to share LAST weeks Friday Foto-Op ... and then it was Easter.

I was so wrapped up in Family dinner and stuff with the kids that Friday came and went, sans Foto-Op.

The good news is that this OP will be available over the next few weeks and not just for one single day as it often is.

This is one more for Moms.

Mothers Day is coming up and let me tell you, being a Photographer does NOT mean that I have any more photos of myself with my babies than you do. In fact I may even have less since I am not only "usually" behind the camera ... I am ALWAYS behind it.

Thanks to this, "Mama Minis" is born! A mini session for you and your babies (quick, go and tell your husband that April Martin has done his Mothers Day gift deciding for him!!) A 15-20 minute session with you and your little (or big) ones loving life and looking your best. Trust me, I have a 3 year old boy, I can make it look like you're having fun even when you aren't ... ya, I said it.

Please contact me via my website for full details and pricing.

This offer will be available until May 13th 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Foto-Op for New Moms and Mommys-To-Be!

When (if) you make the decision to not have any more children its a BIG deal. In my case it was a mixture of "yes this is the right thing" combined with "at some point this is going to be tough"

Well Im there ... I have full blown baby fever! *don't tell my husband*

How amazing that I have a job where I get to love and snuggle newborns all the time though!?

This weeks Friday Foto-Op is for New and Expectant Mamas!

Since I am posting this so late today I will extend the offer for the remainder of this weekend.

Purchase a $300 Newborn (up to 3 months old) session for only $200! Available until the end of the day on Sunday April 1st 2012.

Contact me via email to for full details!

If you know someone who has just welcomed a new little one into the world or know someone who is expecting, this is for them! It's also a VERY simple gift for the new Daddy to give to his lovely wife :)

Can't wait to work with you!